New hope for BWTV?

Posted by Mark "Jiminy" K at 19 September 2007 13:14

In an interview with MYM, Ashur reveals one of his current side projects: BWTV

Largely unrelated to the original BWTV endeavour, Ashur has recently started working on new project which may have similar potential. Based off a modified maphack program, the current incarnation of BWTV could operate without the observer even having StarCraft installed. Needless to say this could be what the community has been waiting for, but Ashur admits there still are some big obstacles to overcome.
The current refresh rate & data compression are far too low to support widespread use at the moment and motivation this time around is also an issue. But he does say, "...maybe some lonely soul in the community will find some free time. I’m way too lazy."
Given that he's been working on StarCraft coding related projects for the last 4-5 years, including BWLauncher and PenguinPlug, I’m not sure lazy is the right word. Regardless, word of this new version will be sure to stir up interest and hopefully speed the process to completion.

MeetYourMakers - Ashur on BWTV
MeetYourMakers - Full Interview


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