MYM: GhosT new king of the hill

Posted by Len Mariken "righteous" Maessen at 13 July 2007 22:04

Meet Your Makers announced that due to the current hacking controversy, MIStrZZ has temporarily stepped down from the MYM hill pending further investigation. In the interim, Hullah and GhosT battled it out for the KoTH title.

Poland Hullah and Germany GhosT, the last two players to be given the chance to face MIStrZZZ in MYM's KotH struggle, faced off against one another in a match that would decide the MYM hill's next King. This match, a bo5 that took place on Wednesday, July 11th, wound up going to GhosT in the end. The German Terran lost his first battle on Tau Cross, but came back to beat the Polish Zerg across three maps and thus got himself crowned King of the Hill.

When asked for comment, Ghost noted, "It was a bit easier than I thought before. I played Hullah some months ago and I lost. I thought I would lose again but I finally won."

KoTH: GhosT versus Hullah
Germany DkH.GhosT < Poland ToT)Hullah( 0-1 @ Tau Cross
Germany DkH.GhosT > Poland ToT)Hullah( 1-1 @ Longinus
Germany DkH.GhosT > Poland ToT)Hullah( 2-1 @ Arcadia
Germany DkH.GhosT > Poland ToT)Hullah( 3-1 @ Lost Temple

MeetYourMakers - MIStrZZZ steps down, GhosT new king


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