No new king on the MYM hill yet

Posted by Frida "Vilda" Hultman at 27 June 2007 20:42

MIStrZZZ met up with the Ukrainian Terran player Strelok earlier tonight, and after three games MIStrZZZ showed why he was King of the MeetYourMakers Hill once again.

MYM KOTH round 6
Poland LRM)MIStrZZZ> Ukraine aAa.Strelok1-0@ Tau Cross
Poland LRM)MIStrZZZ< Ukraine aAa.Strelok1-1@ Longinus
Poland LRM)MIStrZZZ> Ukraine aAa.Strelok2-1@ Arcadia

Last time they met, was in the MicroGamerZ Tournament, last December, when Strelok walked out as the winner. This time the 64 % of our better who voted for MIStrZZZ, was right. The Polish started up by winning after a seven minutes long game. The next game the Ukrainian put up more of a fight, equalizing, and we had a 1:1 score.

The tie breaker was played on Arcadia and after another long Terran versus Protoss, and this one also ended up in favour of MIStrZZZ. Replays are now to be downloaded here at GosuGamers!

We also caught up with the king to talk about the matches:
First game was classic bad played by strelok, I used perfectly his big mistakes and just pwned him. Second game was just terran power, he outmacroed me and pushed, like a button, I couldnt do much damage even with my incredible highskilled micromanagement. Third one I just outmicroed him in first few minutes and after making huge advantage I just rolled over him with my super-carriers.

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