TLTour3 delay, Manifesto7's reaction

Posted by Roy "Phantom" Kwan at 25 April 2007 10:50

Blizzard's newest product, The StarCraft League Development Kit, is quickly making headlines all over the StarCraft community, but it had hit no one else bigger than the team over at who are behind the TLTour ladder. got a chance to sit down with Manifesto7.

Canada Trevor "Manifesto7" Allen is the mastermind behind the idea for a TLTour ladder to go along with TLTour3. With the recent release of the new development kit, Manifesto7 has halted work on the TLTour ladder system. I got a chance to talk with Manifesto7 and talk about his reaction to this news.

Manifesto7 was obviously not too happy about the news at such an important time in the TLTour's ladder development and halted the upcoming BETA.
-"If they release a new patch for bw, then we would have to stop the ladder, fix the system, and relaunch and that isn't fair in the middle of TLT. So, I would prefer to wait until I have some certainty."

Well, if they knew what we were working on, a little bird telling me what was coming would have been nice.
Blizzard's timing was quite unfortunate as the release of the LDK news was just a week after TLTour's official announcement that there was a ladder in development and was close to its BETA, which was scheduled for the 28th of April.
-"Well, if they knew what we were working on, a little bird telling me what was coming would have been nice. We didn't exactly make things secret, and Blizzard reads both our websites( and"

The development for the TLTour ladder had gone into development around 4 months ago and was released as public information, however, Blizzard might not have caught on, or were not allowed to release information even to Manifesto7, but he is does see a good side to this release.
-"However maybe this will work out in the future. If this is a quality product they are putting out, maybe Blizzard is finally giving us what we have always wanted. I mean lets face it, fans have been working AROUND Blizzard for a long time."

And so they have, with projects such as the BroodWar Launcher and PGTour's private PvPGN server, the StarCraft community has found its way of surviving without Blizzard. The only downfall of the StarCraft community fending for itself was the slow response or lack of response from Blizzard.
-"Not to rag on Carrier, because I can appreciate the amount of work that went into it, but a lot of the problems with Carrier could have been solved by asking people a few more questions. If you look at TLT, we had amazing discussions on rankings, maps, and even chose the domain name. I just think Blizzard could learn from that too because we might find that what they game us isnt exactly what we want."

Considering their timing for this though, I would much rather wait until I know is stable.
Although as it stands, Blizzard has not set a release date for a new patch that will come in light of the new LDK. The new patch release is the biggest concern as there will be changes that need to be made to the TLTour ladder system. When asked how long he would wait before the new patch was released Manifesto7 had this to say,
-"Well Blizzard has already given out an email adress for people wanting to apply for a league, so after I email them and get a response, I will have a better idea of how long we will have to wait. Considering their timing for this though, I would much rather wait until I know is stable. That being said if another PvPGN server comes along that is stable, we could hold TLTour3 there. Remember TLT is a tournament, not a ladder the only reason we made a ladder system is because there was no one else who could host it (like wgt had in the past)."

With that said, I asked if their would be a possibility of hosting their own PvPGN server or possibly using another server such as Abyss to host TLTour3.
-"I still think is the best option for a ladder. I wouldn't want the cost of running the server myself. PGT was very pricey, and is free. Of course the advantage is that it is fully customizable. About abyss I don't know. I know what they are, but have no contact with anyone from there. Which is probably too bad because i think they are doing well now so perhaps it is something i should look in to."

At this point of the interview I told Manifesto7 that any product from Blizzard and is an awesome one, to which he replied modestly,
-"I hope so. We have worked well together before. This whole thing has definitely been a learning experience for me."

We aren't going away, we are just going to get stronger.
As the interview ended wanted to add a final thanks to his TLTour Ladder crew who were behind the development of the ladder and to Sweden Mazor and United Kingdom volmasoft for their consultation as well through out the process. With a few last words Manifesto7 had this to say, "we aren't going away, we are just going to get stronger."

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