Micro Media recruiting foreign players

Posted by Frida "Vilda" Hultman at 10 January 2007 23:21

The all-American StarCraft team Micro Media have for some time been taking a lot of losses in leagues such as BWCL Premier League, but now they are putting an end to it. They are now starting to recruit foreign players.

The first squad in Micro Media did not even play Brood War. You heard right, the former all-American team was started by Artosis himself and some friends, but not for playing StarCraft.
- Skew, Nicky, and I made Micro Media when we went to Age Of Empires 3 last October where we became the #1 team at that game. After that we quit that game though, and reformed Micro Media when we came back to Brood War around WCG time, says Artosis. He also thinks that it's very important how a team should be run. That a StarCraft team should play as a StarCraft team, not representing something else.
- We don't like these multi gaming teams like mYm, BOSS, fourvisions, etc. They are just SC teams that the Counter Strike sponsored teams use. The SC teams don’t get anything. When Micro Media gets sponsored as a multi gaming team, StarCraft players will be in charge, and we won't be used like the other teams.

The past couple of weeks they have not made that big impression in the BWCL Premier League, losing to fourvisions Europe (ex oGaming.rA), BossClub and MicroGamerZ. But they are still hanging in there, taking in new players to make the results in the league better. Still Artosis is very sure they will lose at least some of the last matches of last week in the BWCL Premier league. The current standings are 1-2 to BossClub and there are four more games still to be played.
- I think it will be another close war like last time, with us losing on the 2v2s again. He also tells us and that they have been really busy and that the last games will be played the next couple of days.

Micro Media
United States Artosis[Media]
Turkey BeeswaX[Media]
United States CocoA[Media]
United States Dino[Media]
United States fLaSh[Media]
United States IdrA[Media]
France NicKy[Media] (Orga)
United States Sadist[Media]
Poland Sever[Media] (Orga)
United States SirTaste[Media]
United States Skew[Media]
According to Artosis their bad results in the BWCL Premier League is caused by the lack of good 2on2 players in the team. He says that they at first wanted to stay an all-American team only recruiting American players, but that there are not that many good 2on2 players in the States, so they had to change that image. Recently the Turkish zerg player BeeswaX was recruited, becoming the first foreign member of the team. When asked what type of players they are looking for Artosis says:
- We hope to find a very good 2v2 team. As for 1v1 players, we were interested in BeeswaX because he is just breaking out and has a lot of potential. Future players will likely be recruited for similar reasons.

When asked how the best five-player lineup for the 1on1 matches would look like he's pretty sure, BeeswaX is one of them.
- It would depend slightly on the team we are playing and the first map, but over all I would say: Assem, Artosis, Skew, IdrA, BeeswaX.

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