TreK caught hacking

Posted by Jonatan "Mazor" Littke at 23 December 2003 23:09
Today, the World Game Tour cheating section came up with edvidence of Sweden Fredrik "TreK" Nelson maphacking (» here). The administrators used BWChart to detect the cheating and posted it, along with screenshots and explanations at the news section of WGT.

I spoke to TreK about this very incident a long time before it was posted. He told me some admins at BWCL found the game he hacked in and were considering to post it at WGT. He told me it would be the end of his career if it was posted and that he would quit. I asked him if it was true and he confessed early, read his own statement at WGT:

"I'm writing this with my friends nick cause ive been banned from this site, rightfully ofcourse, and I wish to give u the full story before u judge.
There has been much fuzz about this thing for a week now and I have told all my friends what happened and most of them understand but i dont know if they will evar forgive.
This replay is i dont know but several months old and i had played belarus(erde) before and i just knew he hacked i saw many reps of him and I was very sure(not 100%) so i played him bo3 serie in WSL...i started loosing a game versus him and stupid as I was i downloaded maphack to get "even", i didnt know bwchart and stuff then cause it wasnt really known..anyways i lost 0-3 to this guy and i didnt really think anyone would notice it so i forgot about it and threw away the maphack...but now some days ago some germans tested some antihack progg and they randomly picked ( i think ) some reps and mine happened to be in their replay archive so they found it.
Wgtour did right thing posting it but i donno about the big news but i guess since im a well known player they wanted ppl to know u know, I can assure everyone that i threw away maphack after those games and I have never hacked offline before that.
I played my tours with bwscanner and u can look through my reps if u want to with bwchart..i dont care.
But my sorry goes out to all who trusted me, sorry~
gg out."
Please notice that the WGTour administrators stated that this was one and a half months ago. There have been no other proof of hacks in any single replay of TreK.

TreK will remain in his position in the Swedish national team and his spot in various events at GosuGamers, such as the Power League and the King of the hill-event due to the following reasons:

Seeing TreK play at a total of 8 offline events boldly convinces me that his skills are not based on cheating. For those who do not yet know, here are some of his merits, where I personally and the sG Crew can confirm that TreK has been 100% legit in his play:
  • Runner up (2nd) in the World Cyber Games Preliminaries of Sweden, 2003, Berwaldhallen, Stockholm. Held and monitored by the GosuGamers Crew.

  • Winner of every game he played at Racewars 2003, Café Nine, Stockholm. Held and monitored by the GosuGamers Crew. Multiple first person live observers.

  • Runner up (2nd) of the Swedish Gaming Open tournament at Heron City, 2003, Stockholm. Held and monitored by Multiple first person live observers.

  • Winner of Dreamhack Summer 2003, Elmiahallen, Jönköping. Held and monitored by the GosuGamers Crew. Multiple first person live observers.

  • Winner of World Cyber Games Preliminary Qualifications of Sweden #1, Café Nine, Stockholm, 2003. Held and monitored by the GosuGamers Crew. Multiple first person live observers.

I know I'm biased in this matter but I believe that makes my opinion even more trustworthy. The very game versus Belarus(ERDE) was confirmed cheating, and the WGTour admins have my full respect for banning TreK from their ladder due to this incident.

However, the fact that cheating was not detected in any of the replays where TreK won the European Championships, nor at any other online tournament (or offline, as mentioned earlier), does in my opinion clear him from all other accusations. Since the trust has been put in the BWChart, BWScanner etc. for catching cheaters, we must put our trusts in the programs for clearing cheat accusations as well.

With the reasons described above, I consider the accusations against TreK being a cheater as declined and the matter closed. He still has our full support in his gaming. Please notice that we are not judging the banning of TreK from WGTour, we are simply stating our stance in this matter.


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