Poll - New feature?

Posted by Jonatan "Mazor" Littke at 18 December 2003 14:46
[s]poll[/s]DECEMBER 26TH - 29TH the progamming team of GosuGamers will have a meeting and create some new functions for the site. If you don't know what the programming team is or what we do, here's a short explanation.

The programming team consists of the following members:
Bizkit - Team leader, programmer
Mazor - Programmer
Mellow - Programmer

Together we develop the functions of this website. A couple of times per year we have our meetings, small local area networks, listening to trance and work with the page. For some of those who have asked before, yes, we do code in notepad and see the code just like in matrix.

Anyway, before we start creating something new, we wanted to hear from our visitors which functions you would enjoy the most. Please take some time and answer the poll carefully:

Which new feature would you enjoy the most at sG?
RWA Section
VOD Section
1on1 Ladder
2on2 Ladder
Clan section (Create a homepage for the clan, add news, add members, play matches versus other registered clans etc)
Match bettings
Elite player rankings
sG gateway
Advanced replay analyzing script built in with the replay section friendslist (see who's online / offline at bnet)



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