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Posted by Jonatan "Mazor" Littke at 10 June 2003 15:59
wcg_matrix_mini.gifWCG QUALIFICATION #3 will be held at the Internet café Matrix in Stockholm. This newspost will be updated with a full coverage when the qualification is finished and the winners are named.

Time: Registration: 9:00am, Start 9:30am.
Date: 22nd of June, 2003.
Max players: 16
Nation final spots: 2
Registration fee:200 SEK
Registration:» Here
Location: T-Hötorget, Stockholm, Sweden


06.40 AND THE ALARM CLOCK RINGS. Damn it's early. And no breakfast at my grandmother's house. What am I talking about? Of course, the WCG: Matrix qualification. I went to Stockholm on the Saturday and slept over to get ready for the event the next morning.

My brother and I arrived to Matrix in Stockholm around eight. Just in time to see that everything already was working and nothing needed to be done. Damn, I wanted to sleep! =] 09.00, confirmation. 4 players were there. DaZe, bluewhale, iN.Brejk-Ds and GoS-Sweden. We started around 09.45 since we were waiting for Whiz, we thought. He didn't show up so we started the games anyways. 10 people were observing the first games since it still was very early. After about 30 mins more people showed up, and around 10.30 there were almost 25 observers there, good work for gamers in the morning of their summer holiday.

Now to the gaming.
Four players, same as PlayIT, using winners and looser brackets.
Game 1: Player one vs player two. (Best out of three)
Game 2: Player three vs player four. (Best out of three)
Game 3: Winner of game one vs winner of game two.
Game 4: Loser of game one vs loser of game two.
Game 5: Loser of game three vs winner of game four. (Best out of one)
Winners of game 5 and 3 go to the national final.

Game 1: iN.Brejk-Ds > bluewhale2-1
Game 2: GoS-Sweden > DaZe.2-0
Game 3: GoS-Sweden> iN.Brejk-Ds2-1
Game 4: DaZe.> bluewhale2-1
Game 5: DaZe.> iN.Brejk-Ds1-0

First out, Brejk vs bluewhale. Bluewhale, who is quite unknown to me, beat Brejk the first game. Nice. Brejk won the games after that. Sweden won vs DaZe in TvT and TvP. Great games, watched on bigscreen. After that, winner brackets finals. Brejk vs Sweden. One game won each. In the last and final game, Brejk was zerg and Sweden terran. It was played @ Legacy of char. Such as great game, long, even and very intresting! Brejk fought very well and wouldn't surrender. He almost won even though GoS-Sweden had so much more he didn't surrender and kept fighting and fighting. I'm really impressed. GoS-Sweden won the game at last, after some heavy problems killing Brejk's main. After that, Brejk had to play again vs Daze. Zerg vs Terran once again, and Brejk just kept fighting and played very good! Even thou he lost against DaZe, a very unexpected winner. Both for us and for himself actually.



Crowd watching Brood War

DaZe, very happy after his win against Brejk

Bluewhale - Hidden gosu?



Replays are on it's way. Good Games, thanks people!

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