Poll: Replay matchups

Posted by Former "Guyix" Crew 11 years, 19 weeks ago
[s]poll[/s]The last week's poll was "Would you attend a Brood War LAN arranged by GosuGamers in Stockholm?" 129 of 299 people voted for "No, it's too far away.". It looks like having a LAN for Starcraft players in Stockholm, Sweden is too far from away from everyone. I think that it would be great to have a LAN for only Starcraft players, both from Sweden and from other countries. We will have to wait and see!

Some comments from our visitors:
"Yeah.... BW lan would be so f***ing great :D " - yellowbyrd
"GOGO BW LAN!" - Tuffer

The new question for this week is; "What matchup would you like to see more of in the replay sektion?" We have worked a lot on our replay archive and now we want your help to make it more attractive. Go and vote for the matchup you want to see more replays from!
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