Poll: sG LAN?

Posted by Jonatan "Mazor" Littke at 18 November 2003 14:21
[s]poll[/s]Last week we asked you the question: Are you a member of an active clan?. More than 50% said Yes, and a little less said no. This result was not what I had expected, I rarely see any active clans on, except for the WGTour Clan league. One reason for this might be that I spend most of my time at this site instead of at, but oh well, never mind.

The new question I've come to ask to you is about a previous subject we've talked about. We asked for your suggestions about a Local Area Network in Europe, how much you were willing to pay for it and what you wanted to see there. Now our question to you is:

Would you attend to a Brood War LAN arranged by GosuGamers in Stockholm?
- Yes, absolutely!
- Sure, if it's not too expensive.
- No, it's too far away.
- No, I'm not interested.


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