Poll: FragBet League winner?

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 13 August 2006 12:32

FragBet League has started, and now we want to know who you think will win it all. MYM? ToT? CDS? Take a pick in our latest poll!

In our previous poll we asked you what name you thought was suited for our player database and rankings, and the majority of you thought we should keep the name we have now - GosuGamers Database. So it is then, as 28% thought so.

Our next poll concerns our newly opened clan league - FragBet League. In a King of the Hill format, the teams go up against eachother to find out which team is the best. Will the powerful MeetYourMakers with top players such as Lx, Draco, SunCow and PJ win it, or will Templars of Twilight with Testie, SEn, Mondragon and Squall take it home? This is what our newest poll is about, more exact:

Which team will win the FragBet League?

Europe Templars of Twilight
Europe MeetYourMakers
Poland Above the Frontiers of Mind
France MicroGamerZ
Spain Los Reyes del Mambo
Czech Republic Czech Demolition Squad
United States EX-Gaming
Russia Shock Squadron

As always, you vote on the front page. Happy voting!

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