Fragbet League - Day 2 Results

Posted by Lex "Artanis" Maessen at 06 August 2006 19:13

The Fragbet League qualifications are slowly coming to an end. Only 8 teams from the original 32 are still at the starting line, and only 2 of those will actually finish. Teams from Oceania, America, and Europe were still standing. Who will make it to the end?

There were still 8 teams left when the semifinals started. The following teams were still in the running:

Germany DkH
Spain [CS]
United States EX
Romania RpG

Russia [S2]
Australia oG)
Australia 96)
United States Micro Media

Only one out of four for both of these groups qualify for the actual Fragbet League. The biggest surprises to these lists were Spain [CS] and United States Micro Media. Micro Media, however, is not a surprise anymore when you read the lineup, so that leaves [CS] as the true surprise of this tournament. Would they manage to go all the way, or would Germany DkH win from the Spaniards?

Group Semifinals

Germany DkH 4-1 Spain [CS]
Germany DkH.Ghost1-0Spain DaRaKiaN[CS]
Germany DkH.Ghost2-0Spain AguiLa[CS]
Germany DkH.Ghost2-1Spain AlaStOr[CS]
Sweden DkH.KaaZ3-1Spain AlaStOr[CS]
Sweden DkH.KaaZ4-1Spain SaJeR[CS]

As you can see, [CS] Simply was not strong enough to defeat a very solid DkH.
On the other side of this group, it was the recently formed clan United States EX that faced an older team featuring some of the best Romanian players, Romania RpG.

United States EX 4-1 Romania RpG
United States EX.Vanilla1-0Romania RpG.Spook
United States EX.Vanilla2-0Romania RpG.Andrei
United States EX.Vanilla3-0Romania RpG.jack
United States EX.Vanilla3-1Romania RpG.niai
Canada EX.iefanaij4-1Romania RpG.niai

Vanilla almost managed to beat Romania RpG single-handedly, but was eventually beaten by Niai. After that, Iefanaij managed to defeat Niai and lead United States EX to face the german-based clan of Germany DkH.

We now turn to the other group, Featuring two australian teams, a russian team and another american team.

Russia [S2] 4-0 Australia oG)
Russia Ds-Pomi[S2]1-0United States oG)BlackJack
Russia Ds-Pomi[S2]2-0Canada oG)ZergRaptor
Russia Ds-Pomi[S2]3-0Canada oG)Fayth
Russia Ds-Pomi[S2]4-0Peru oG)Smacker

A very strong Russia Pomi managed to defeat Australia oG) all by itself, leaving oG) scattered and broken. Russia [S2] won relatively unexpectedly, as they only had 44% of the gosubet minerals. They proved what they can do and move on to the finals of this group.

Australia 96) 3-4 United States Micro Media
Australia 96)Legionnaire1-0United States MM.ArtOfGlory
Australia 96)Legionnaire1-1United States MM.Assem
Australia 96)Existent2-1United States MM.Assem
Australia 96)Existent3-1United States MM.Artosis
Australia 96)Existent3-2United States MM.IdrA
Hungary 96)Gorky3-3United States MM.IdrA
Poland 96)Dreiven3-4United States MM.IdrA

A war with the likes of Australia Legionnaire and United States Assem should immediately grasp the attention of any nostalgic player. Two great players that had great results in the past faced eachother in a very close war. Eventually, however, it wasn't the great name of Assem that won, but IdrA managing to seal off the victory by beating three players in a row, changing the score from 3-1 to 3-4. They move to the group finals in which they have to face Russia [S2].

We now turn our attention to the group finals. After a quick look at the results so far, we find that these 4 teams remain:

Germany DkH
United States EX

Russia [S2]
United States Micro Media

Hard to call favorites on these four, all of them possess a very strong roster with players that could make or break a clanwar, and go for the allkill. It could be close, it could be a 4-0 sweep by a player having a good day, but these are the actual results.

Group Finals

United States EX 4-2 Germany DkH
United States EX.Vanilla1-0Germany DkH.Ghost
United States EX.Vanilla2-0Sweden DkH.KaaZ
United States EX.Vanilla2-1Germany DkH.Goody
Bulgaria EX.Ready2-2Germany DkH.Goody
Canada EX.iefanaij3-2Germany DkH.Goody
Canada EX.iefanaij4-2Germany DkH.Muh

EX manages to pull out a win once again, mostly thanks to United States Vanilla and Canada Iefanaij, which prove to be valuable assets to the American team. They are now qualified for the official Fragbet League, so good luck to them.

Russia [S2] 0-1 United States Micro Media
Russia NotForu[S2]0-1United States MM.Nyoken
0-1United States MM.Nyoken

Currently, Micro Media is leading with 1-0, with the rest of the matches postponed until Monday 7th of August, 22:00 CET when the rest will be played. We will try to get Canada iTG`Micro for you there, which he failed to do last time due to sleeping through his alarm clock four times. The real fragbet league will start on Sunday 13th of August. The clans that will play so far are the following:

Europe ToT) - Last SCCL winner
Europe MYM - Last SCCL runner-up
Poland AFM- - Current PGTCW leader
Czech Republic CDS) - Last BWCL winner
Spain LRM) - Last WGTCL Runner-up
France MgZ) - Last WGT World Cup winner
United States EX. - Qualifier 1
None ? - Qualifier 2

To find out who will get the last spot, Keep an eye on the gosubet and on the shoutcast. We'll see you then.

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