Poll: Christmas Tournament

Posted by Will "sailow" Gerardsson at 03 January 2006 15:40

For many countries the holiday times end on the epiphany, 6th January, but here at GosuGamers it ends a day later with the finals of the GosuGamers Christmas Tournament. Who do you think will win?

There are 16 competitors left in the tournament that will battle it out in less then a week’s time. Among the competitors include several big names, including Sweden ToT)Trek(, Germany ESA.BrEaKdOwN and Norway mYm.Stinger. Below is a list of all the competitors, your task is simple, choose the one you think will be the last man standing.

Who do you think will win the
GosuGamers Christmas Tournament

Finland iG.Arcneon
Germany ESA.BrEaKdOwN
United States Cocoa[TmG]
Russia 3D.creAtiv
Sweden BW-Daniel
United States Idra[TmG]
Czech Republic bio.Lopata
Poland Play.MysticJoey
Czech Republic bio.Predy
Germany ToT)Selector
Sweden puLs.ShejtaN
Norway mYm.Stinger
Mexico Play.sTrAtO
Ukraine Strelok[TmG]
Canada oG)Taurent
Sweden ToT)TreK(

Last week we asked about how you would like locked GosuBets to be treated. The results below show that most want the bets to be cancelled immediately closely followed by wait a maximun of 2 days option. From this it is clear that the majority wish locked bets to be dealt with in a relatively short space of time.

How would you like locked GosuBets to be handled? (599 votes)

Don't wait, cancel as soon as possible and don't reopen. I want to bet on other matches.(41%)
Wait for results a maximum of 2 days, I can wait.(38%)
Wait for results a maximum of 4 days, I can wait.(12%)
Other (Post a comment)(6%)


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