ImpuLsive.Inc versus SomE

Posted by Zach "gpais" Fitz at 31 December 2005 04:43

The newly formed Brood War squad of Europe ImpuLsive.Inc will have it hands full Saturday, January 7th. puLs will be taking on a team that has been around for a while now, Europe SomE. Both teams have good gamers who can turn the tide of and Clan War.

With players like Brazil Odin (right), Canada Fayth,
Croatia Ptak, and Brazil Master, SomE is a nicely made team, on paper. These players are good in name, but like all players they too are just human and can lose to even the worse of players. Not saying ImpuLsive.Inc is a bad team, I must give them a bunch of credit. puLs has gamers like Poland Drone, Sweden ShejtaN, Germany Cope, Brazil ReasoN (left), and Poland ParanOid. Both teams will have their hands full when they meet up within the next couple of weeks. The two teams will engage in 6 one versus one matches and 1 two versus two match.

Europe ImpuLsive.Inc


Europe SomE


China puLs.wpm-Korea ksh[SomE]0-0
Korea puLs.SoiChi-Korea ADA[SomE]0-0
Poland puLs.Drone-Brazil Master[SomE]0-0
Poland puLs.ParanOid-Brazil Odin[SomE]0-0
Sweden puLs.ShejtaN-Croatia Ptak[SomE]0-0
Brazil puLs.ReasoN-Canada Fayth[SomE]0-0
Croatia puLs.ZuBo
Sweden puLs.ShejtaN-Germany 4ever[Some]
Korea 2gether[SomE]0-0

Good luck to both teams as they will face off January 7th!

ImpuLsive-Inc.Com - Team Website
TeamSomE.Com - Team Website


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