GigaLiga Grandslam VI semifinals

Posted by Lars "cYaN" Olsen 9 years, 21 weeks ago

Mondragon has been Germany's undisputed best player and dominated the Giga League for quite a while. Now he has finally not made it to the final. Although many people still consider him the best non-korean, he can actually be defeated in the Giga League.

There have not been any big upsets in the Giga League so far this time around either. The big favorites all went through the initial group play and qualified for the quarter finals.

Quarter Finals

Germany ToT)Mondragon(>Germany DkH.Goody
Germany eSa.Fisheye>Germany eLu.poxxeLo
Germany eSa.Schnibl0r>Germany DiE]Sorang[
Germany ash.doLife>Germany xOr.Gang

Prior to the event the clear favorite was indeed Germany Mondragon. He was expected to take yet another title and his challengers were given little or no chance to de-throne him. However one could never discard such good players as Germany Fisheye and Germany Schnibl0r. The semi finals offered the biggest upset in the tournament so far as Schnibl0r defeated Mondragon 2-0. In both matches Mondragon played versus Schnibl0r's usual .

Semi Finals

Germany ToT)Mondragon(0:2Germany eSa.Schnibl0r
Germany eSa.Fisheye2:0Germany ash.doLife

The finals will be held on the 17th of December. It will be an all eSa affair with Fisheye vs Schnibl0r. Mondragon will play doLife for the 3rd place. The stakes in this tournament are high, however 4th place will be left with nothing. First place gets 2000€, second gets 1000€ and third gets 500€.

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