How bad mannered are <i>you</i>?

Posted by Will "sailow" Gerardsson at 25 November 2005 18:36

Survey time! For an upcoming feature here on we would like to hear from you. Your help is greatly appreciated. Scroll down to the poll on the right hand side of the page, click on the box next to your answer and we will be very thankful.

Anti social behavior is the issue of the day. is currently working on a feature that analyses and tackles aspects of this shunned part of our community. This is however an issue that affects every member of this and by hearing from you, the gamer, a clearer picture of the situation will be formed. The way you are to provide this information to us has manifested itself in the shape of a poll.

There are two possible questions we could ask regarding this subject. How often do you meet a bad mannered opponent? or How often would you say you are bad mannered on the Internet? We have opted for the latter, since it suits the angle that the feature approaches. You can however answer the other question in the comments below.

We cannot stress the importance of self-criticism when you answer this question. Do not hastily answer the question without consideration, we ask for honesty. We are only able to use this information if we deem it to be an accurate portrayal of the situation.

How often would you say you are bad mannered on the Internet?Very often.
Only when provoked.
Only when I am in a bad mood.
It is quite spontaneous, but happens very rarely.
Only occasional lapses.

Happy Voting!


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