Warrior Blood

Posted by Raul "funkie" Rincon at 29 September 2005 07:20

Recently, LinYu)Wufan posted that, was going to organize a tournament with 300$USD cash Prize, and with famous players. Well the time has come, and, are proud to present the: 32 Warriors Blood War Tournament.

Image by Shakti~Lzuruha

The tournament will invite players from all over the world. The first prize will be 300SUSD. Players form South Korea Korea, China China, Taiwan Taiwan, Europe Europe, North America and South America will meet for this encounter. Six players from China China will participate and will most probably include: China LinYu)Pj, China =PNZ=Legendary)Lx, China WE.W_Y_W, China =Y.J=Stronger, China RushGoon, China mYm.Hbq.

The rest of the players are going to be from the Americas and Europe Europe. Can you participate? Yes, but fight you must to gain a spots. is will be hosting a 64-man tournament open to anyone. The prize, one of three open spots for the 32 Warriors Blood War Tournament.

Open Tournament Info:
Tournament Date:Saturday, October 1st
Time18:00 CET (12:00 EST)
ChannelsOp WGTour1 (for the top 32 players of the bracket)
Op WGTour2 (For the bottom 32 players of the bracket)
Sign Up» SignUp TournamentUnregister (from the tournament)» Unregister Tournament

The map rotation is:

RoundMapBest Of
1st Round LunaBest of 3
2nd Round NostalgiaBest of 3
3rd Round Gaema GowonBest of 3
4th Round EstrellaBest of 3
5th Round Ride Of ValkyriesBest of 3
6th Round(Semi-Finals) 815Best of 3
7th Round (Finals) R-PointBest of 5
8th Round (Grand Finals) LunaBest of 5
Round (Loser Bracket)MapBest Of
1-6 Round The first game on Gaema. Losers Pick NextBest of 1
7-8 Round The first game on Gaema. Losers Pick NextBest of 3
9th Round (LB Finals)The first game on Gaema. Losers Pick NextBest of 5

The map can not be repeated in each match. Only the above maps will be allowed. All the replays must be saved, even if you lose the game or face disqualification. Considering that a replay site is co-hosting the tournament, you can pretty sure they will keep their word. The players that are invited to the tournament are these:

Russia 3D.AndroideNo
Lithuania Anon[pG]Yes
Germany eSa.BreakdownYes
Germany eSa.FiSheYeYes
Germany eSa.ScHnibL0rYes
Chile iD.KeirYes
Poland TmG|BlackManYes
Germany Mondragon[pG]Yes
Russia mYm.Advokate[S2]Yes
Poland mYm.DracoYes
Ukraine mYm.yAn[S2]Yes
Czech Republic play.DestroyerYes
Greece play.sataNikYes
United States rS.Day[9]Yes
United States rS.YoshYes
Taiwan Sen[pG]Yes
Canada Testie[pG]Yes
Russia TmG|eX.roxNo
Brazil TmG|HellGhostYes
Poland x6AMD.SunCow Yes

//Submitted by Norway Ilvy.
//Edited by Venezuela iON plus.

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