[pG] vs. China 4-4

Posted by "KoenigFrederik" at 11 September 2005 16:47

China - one of the strongest Starcraft countries, is now facing one of the best western team in a match event. Nationwar and Clanwar all in one. Seven 1on1 games are planned to be played, if more players show up the more games will be played


After the re-opening of - former ToT - the team will play their first clanwar right now versus team China China who will be the first opponent. Several of China's players recently participated in CKCG 2005 vs Korea South Korea and lost their match encounter to the Koreans, so they have blood in their eyes.

Seven 1on1 games were planned, but as Netherlands Twisted stated that there is a lot of lag, so they will reduce the amount of game down to four. If the lag problem can be solved by changing the players, some more games can be played. Updates will follow as soon as possible.

Final Result

Europe Pro-gaming vs. China

China : 4 - 4 (9-9)
Taiwan Sen[pG] vs. China [S.TOP]Phoenix660 - 2
Poland Avernum[pG] vs. China Bat.Jaystar0 - 2
United States Incontrol[pG] vs. China [SvS]hbq0 - 2
Lithuania Anon[pG] vs. China [S.TOP]Beckham1 - 2
Germany Mondragon[pG] vs.China Linyu)Pj2 - 1
United Kingdom Midian[pG] vs.China Legendary2 - 0
Canada Testie[pG] vs.China Jifeng2 - 0

Germany Mondragon / Canada Testievs.China Pj / China Jaystar2 - 0

Update :

As Netherlands Twisted states Mondragon just started to play Linyu)Pj, Midian against Legendary and Testie is currently leading 1-0 vs Jifeng.

Update 17:18

Midian is currently leading 1-0 vs Legendary, who joined the Korean pro team SK Telecom 1 recently.

Update 17:26h

Testie wins his game vs. Jifeng 2-0. Pj is leading 1-0 vs Mondragon.

Update 17:31

The replays between Testie and Jifeng can be downloaded here:
ยป Replay Source.

Thanks to China Wufan18 for login name and pw which is required to download the replay: ilovern / 12345678

Update 17:37

Replays between Phoenix and Sen and Control vs Hbq have been uploaded to the link given above.

Update 17:45

Mondragon[pG] versus Linyu)Pj is currently 1-1. A third game will be played now. All games will be played on Luna. In second game Mondragon infested the Command Center of Pj. Midian on the other hand managed to win 2-0.

Update 18:19

Pj got disced in 3rd game. The game will be re-played now. The replays between Pj and Mondragon can be downloaded here :

Update 19:00

Mondragon just won the 4th game. Final score between him and Pj is 2-1. 3rd game was re-played due disc of Pj. Replays have been uploaded. Final score between [pG] and China is 3-4 (7-9) in single games.

Update 19:58

After 7 1on1 games, China had the lead with 4-3. 1 2on2 was played too after that. Mondragon / Testie managed to beat Pj / Jaystar which gives a total result of 4-4.

Links - Download the replays here - Mondragon vs Pj replays 1,2,3 here - Mondragon vs Pj replay 4 here


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