Starcraft Ascension

Posted by Former "Guyix" Crew at 17 August 2003 17:12
sca.gifNow it's here, the browser-based game: Starcraft Ascension. This is a game like Utopia and Archmage and other browser-based game but here you just use heroes. The game is inspired by Starcraft, so the heroes you can use are:

Protoss - Zealot
Zerg - Zergling
Terran - Marine

The game is just a beta at the moment but they are updating the game all the time. You learn to play very quickly, it's not complicated at all.

Here are some screens from the game.


This is how your stats screen look like.


And here is the score from a fight with "Steve" that i won.

I think if we give the game some time it will be a very good browser-based game.

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