2002 KPGA 3 Replays

Posted by Former "Guyix" Crew 11 years, 18 weeks ago

Some days ago KPGA released some replays from 2002 KPGA 3. The replays are both 1.09 and 1.10, but still some really good games. Just download them and enjoy.

SlayerS_'Boxer' vs )Is(Side -1.09 Download here!
Zeus vs H.O.T Forever -1.09 Download here!
[Oops]Reach vs Eji -1.09/1.10 Download here!
IntoTheRainbow vs Sync -1.09/1.10 Download here!
[Oops]Lee vs Kiss)JinSu -1.09 Download here!
Pro.NT_SONJJONG vs [SouL]Violet -1.09 Download here!

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