Poll: What Year?

Posted by Will "sailow" Gerardsson 10 years, 3 weeks ago

Were you one of those that stood outside stores 7 years ago on March 31st, waiting for the shops to open, so you could rush in and get your hands on Blizzard's latest release? Or do you belong to a later generation that has only just discovered it? In honor of the 7th anniversary of StarCraft, what year did you get into the game?

The last poll, which was up for two weeks due to Easter, asked you weather or not you'll be attending the upcoming DreamHack LAN. Here is how you answered:

What are your plans about attending Dreamhack Summer 2005? (373 votes)

I would go, if it was in my country(38%)
I have no interest in attending Dreamhack(28%)
I would like to go, but am unable to(24%)
I live in Sweden and plan to attend(7%)
I live in another country and plan to attend(1%)

As you can see, most of the poll's participants voted saying that they would attend if it was near them. It seems that there is an interest in large scale LANs. If you have lots of free time on your hands, and there are others around you with the same interest, maybe you may want to organize a large scale public LAN in your area.

1% said that they will be attending, and live in a different country other than Sweden. This may not seem that many, but I'm still impressed that some people are planning to undertake the trip.

New Poll

Now moving on to the new poll. StarCraft, a couple of days ago filled its 7th birthday. It has been on our shelves for 7 years now! This week’s poll is as follows: What year did you first discover StarCraft?

What year did you fist discover StarCraft

Happy Voting!

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