VODs: See JangBi reach OSL semi finals after 3-1 win over mini

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 14 June 2012 09:47
jagnbi-270.jpgSamsung KHAN star JangBi defeated STX SouL youngster mini in the quarter final of the TVing OnGameNet Starleague to be the first to reach the semi finals. See the matches below.

Upcoming OSL matches
June 19: hyvaa vs. ZerO
June 26: Shine[Kal] vs. FlaSh
FanTaSy vs. n.Die_soO

Game 1: JangBi vs. mini @ Gladiator

Game 2: JangBi vs. mini @ Neo Sniper Ridge

Game 3: JangBi vs. mini @ Neo Electric Circuit

Game 4: JangBi vs. mini @ Neo Ground Zero

TVing OnGameNet Starleague Quarter Final
Korea JangBi vs. Korea mini
JangBi>Mini@ Gladiator
JangBi>Mini@ Neo Sniper Ridge
JangBi>Mini@ Neo Electric Circuit
JangBi>Mini@ Neo Ground Zero


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