Poll: WCG Chances

Posted by Tobias G. M. "zoxxer" Ljungkvist af Svea at 04 August 2004 02:52
[s]poll[/s]The latest question was about pro gaming, a career possible thanks to Blizzard's very well done work with our beloved game. Some people, 21% out of the 554 voters, also look at it just as a game. Something to have just as a fun thing in the regular life. Although, 32% would consider an offer as long as it was only for a couple of months. The things we can read about the pro gaming on the internet, the things we can see in the VODs and the things we hear from the Korean people have made a lot of us regular gamers very interested in the big scene over there. 40% would definitely say yes to a pro contract, and would probably stay as long as possible – even forever – in the country where skill in Starcraft is a status thing.

Would you accept a pro gaming
offer from Korea?

Hell yes! I'll stay there forever.(40%)
Yes, but only for a couple of months.(32%)
No way! I only play for fun.(21%)
Not at the moment. Ask me in six months.(5%)
554 votes. 28 comments.

New pollFor the ones of you that saw the first poll: The response of the » news post Mazor wrote was way better than we could have ever hoped. Both Mazor and Raistlin have a long, long list of e-mails to read trough. Therefore, we decide the poll was pretty much unneeded and decided to change it right away.

For you who did not see the first one, just ignore what you just read and go ahead vote!

The poll is now:

How do you think Sweden TreK, Norway Eriador and Finland Clawson will do in WCG?

They will meet eachother in the finals
They won't make it from the group play
One of them might have a decent chance
They'll do an average job


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