BWAPI Replay Tool

Posted by Tony "ReiKo" Španjol 5 years, 11 weeks ago
Since early days of Brood War, we the players always wanted to have more precise analysis of replays that ultimately gives us insight on how to play the game.

With new tool on the scene, so called "BWAPI" we can do so much more, for example: How much player has units (and specific unit like Mutalisk), what unit is hatching, HP (health points of an unit), idle Larva number, macro/micro rating, worker stats (and total), how much workers does mine and whole new system of showing Build Order that is used.


Finally you can see EVERYTHING in a replay

It seems that you can also use various commands to make your replay viewing experience even better and everything is put in such manner that information is visible but still - it doesn't nag your eyes or make game unwatchable.

BWAPI 2.png

Absolute control in order to see everything you want in Brood War replay

And if you are good programmer maybe you can redirect your browser to BWAPI's main page and use source code of this tool to enhance it a bit more and make it better?

Links - Download BWAPI - Source - Main project page of BWAPI tool
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