Ret joins up with LowLandLions

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 04 February 2010 22:16

Jos "ret" De Kroon has returned to Netherlands and found himself a new team. The clan LowLandLions recruited ret as they are looking to expand their organization, and say he will be representing the team on many LANs in the future.

Ret is currently the only StarCraft:Brood War player of LLL. He will be representing the team on LANs, and ret himself is looking forward to the support he will be get from the team.

I joined LLL because I think they are a team with a bright future and a lot of potential. I also really like the fact they are based in the benelux, and are able to support me locally. I look forward to working together with Low Land Lions to attend lots of SC2 events in the future and produce SC2 content for the fans of the game.
- Ret

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