Nostalgia tournament is over

Posted by Tony "ReiKo" Španjol at 12 January 2010 10:42

"Are you an old school player? Have you been lurking for years out of a love for the game? Do you miss seeing epic matches played on old maps?" - This is the way it started, and now is finished.

In starting point of the tournament we had four groups: Nostalgia, Lost Temple, Neo Requiem and Neo Hall of Valhalla. IdrA advanced from his "Nostalgia" group by defeating IefNaij (2-1), XiaOzi (2-1) and White-Ra (2-0).

In the "Lost Temple" group MaNa triumphed over iNcontroL (2-0), AeriALs (2-0) and Mondragon (2-1).

Mistrzzz did take "Neo Requiem" in a not so convincing fashion by defeating iNKA (1-0 + seond game *WO*), BRAT_OK ( *WO*) and winning against Ptak.

Neo Hall of Valhalla was Draco's field, he went vs Fenix (2-0), Advokate (2-1) and versus Eriador (2-0).

When final four were decided, Draco defeated Mistrzzz and Mana eliminated IdrA and caused a little upset for many viewers. Draco continued with his winning streak and won against MaNa who, in losers bracket - won against Mistrzzz and went to finals.

Finals were all in Polish colors, Draco went up against MaNa and won 3:1 (1-0, Lost Temple (1:1), Neo Hall of Valhalla (2:1), Lost Temple (3:1))

Discuss this oldschool tournamnet in our forums. Also check out the VOD's and see the original post on that holds replays, brackets and more detailed results.

Links - Discuss it on GosuGamers forum - Watch the VOD's - See the full brackets, download replays and check results


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