IdrA after the TSL Ladder

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen 5 years, 15 weeks ago
When I wanted to newb bash I played against the A- koreans that everyone else was dodging, so as long as I had enough time to play there was no way I wouldn't get first.

IdrA was always confident to win the TSL ladder, and says the most fun part of the ladder was to laugh at the abusers,
- "Not the cheaters, but the people like MorroW and Kwark"

IdrA is playing against Nony in a best of five for a spot in the round of 16. The loser will have to play the third qualifiers of Group A.
- "He's the kind of player who really suffers from inactivity, since his biggest strengths are his mechanics, which you lose without practice".
IdrA further explains that his biggest threats are Ret, White-Ra, IefNaij and Draco if they manage to get in shape, and is disappointed that F91 got disqualified as the viewed him as his only real threat in the tournament, and wanted to play him.

Talking manners and reviews the ladder so far, IdrA finds it surprising that he scores higher than White-Ra in the "Favorite top 12 players" poll at, and says he'll continue his way of expressing himself, IdrA lately known for his ending phrase against Ret;
- "you won without doing a single thing".

Wether you love him for it, or hate him for it, it doesn't matter - IdrA outplayed everyone during the ladder, and claims he's well prepared to take down everyone in the playoffs of TSL2 as he's steadily growing as a player and earning trust with his teammates in CJ. Read the full interview in the link below.

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