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Posted by Simon "Go0g3n" at 02 December 2009 06:46

Artosis keeps on releasing weekly video interviews, this time he sits down with Ret and IdrA to discuss the ongoing TSL2, specifically picking apart ladder, player after player.

Basically, Artosis gives the name from current TSL2 ladder and the two quasi-Koreans express how much they hate the guy and how far they expect him to advance in the tournament.

Do watch this one, because it's great. Funny, informative and a little bit nerd'ish.

Click on the picture to proceed to SCForAll and watch the thing:


If you want to save time, here's a summary:

- Ret respects most players except Castro, Praetor and the Chinese, hates laggers.
- IdrA respects less players, jokes about the ones who were knocking him out of tournaments with a hint of defensive humor and depression.

SCForAll - Artosis Ret and IdrA


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