GosuCup: "I can beat anyone at the moment" - Fenix

Posted by Lasse "Enron" Engen at 24 October 2009 19:20

GosuCup Season 2 Finals starts soon, and Fenix tells GosuGamers that he's ready to take down anyone that comes in his way. Don't miss the stream to see how it goes.

GosuCup Top 16
Poland eX-v1o)MaNa
Canada ToT)XiaOzi(
Ukraine LRM)HanniGan
Croatia LRM)Ptak
Germany ESC.Kolll
Peru RoX.KiS.Fenix
Ukraine ESC.Strelok
Sweden Enivid[MB]
United States ToT)yosh(
Mexico LRM)DeSka
Poland uZZZer
United States EG.Machine
Denmark Avi-Love
Macedonia LRM)OctZerg
Germany mTw.MF-FallY
United States EG.LzGamer

Watch the livestream starting at 19:45 CET by clicking here. Showing replays while we wait for the tournament to start.

See the draw by clicking here.

Contestants predictions:
- "Well I guess I can beat anyone at the moment", is what a confident Fenix said when we asked him about his chances in the tournament. He further explained that he's been practicing alot lately, for IEF 2009, and now for WCG.
- "My predictions are #1 Fenix, #2 Strelok/MaNa and #3 yosh. But my toughest oponents will be kolll and XiaOzi, because they're good vs Terran".

MaNa was also confident when we asked him, but he explains that he fears PvZ the most, and might lose to some because of that.
- "I think I can make it to top4, but I'm not sure. Time will tell". He also told us that he think his toughest oponents will be Avi-Love, Strelok, Fenix and Kolll.

OctZerg is replacing Wannabecool, EG.Machine has replaced G5, and FallY is replacing Tidy.

Map pool:
Round 1: Colosseum 2
Round 2: HBR
Round 3: Othello 1.1
Round 4: Destination

Livestream - GosuCup stream
GosuGamers - Draw


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