Terran's treat - Semafu shares his Ansadi tournament replays

Posted by Tony "ReiKo" Španjol at 28 September 2009 19:22

Ansadi league did attract a lot of good players as nice amount of money was at stake. Just imagine how difficult can it be when you need to fight best of best foreigner titans and try to collect the prise?

Well, despite the pressure - Daniel Gutiérrez also known as "Semafu" from Chile did pretty good. Member of foSc. team is known by many AKA's like: M.S,.S)Nice, macro style with unpredictable play from time to time on unorthodox maps.

It would be very wise to study some of his matches because ICCup season is well and going in full motion so you can try and implement some of his play into yours. Of course, never mimic - but always try to learn something new and integrate it in one way or another in your games. As always, replay pack is waiting for you below this news.

Enjoy the watch!

Links - Replay pack - Source


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