WCG 09 Nationals @ Korea

Posted by Simon "Go0g3n" at 03 September 2009 00:31
As you know Koreans dominated pretty much every single StarCraft WCG since, basically, ever. This year probably won't be an exception. Last week Korean Nationals were held with one and only goal - find best of the best, who will be kicking everyone's asses at the Grand Finale.

There won't be any spoilers, just watch these great VODs to find out who are the big winners:

Bisu (P) vs. Stork (P) on Heartbreak Ridge

Bisu (P) vs. Stork (P) on Outsider

Luxury (Z) vs. Jaedong (Z) on Heartbreak Ridge

Luxury (Z) vs. Jaedong (Z) on Destination

Ahh, to hell with it. Here are some "spoilers", if you will:


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