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Mondragon vs NonY


Rank: #69 (1,000 pts)


Country: Germany Germany

Clan: ToT

68 % 32
37958 17863
93 bets 134


Rank: #319 (1,000 pts)


Country: United States United States

Clan: Liquid


Amount of bets: 227 ( 55,820)
Event: » Teamliquid Star League 2
Best of: 5
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: February 28, 2010 at 20:00
Posted by: Striker

Match description

TeamLiquid StarLeague 2 - Finals

TeamLiquid StarLeague 2 - Finals
Germany ToT)Mondragon(vs.United States LiquiD.NonY


Comments (Closed)

NorwayXzOz 7 years, 1 day ago
ProtoSs ftw !

Nony do it for adur
ChileTheanarchy 7 years, 1 day ago
I want mondi to take it but I think nony is better and will take it.
GermanyKusel 7 years, 1 day ago
go Panzerfaust lol
Lithuaniayugiyo 7 years, 1 day ago
go king tiger
BulgariaHolyZerg 7 years, 1 day ago
4-1 for Mondi is my bet happy.gif (i suck at bets)
PolandAmraith 7 years, 7 hours ago
Mondi will tkae this but games will be really close but not the score 4-1/max 2
GermanyVanimar 7 years, 3 hours ago
Mondragon will take it. Either 4-3 or 4-2. Im hoping for 4-3 tho. Seven AMAZING games!
Bulgariaanytime 6 years, 52 weeks ago
I hope stream will be perfect because of finals. :P
GermanyNort 6 years, 52 weeks ago
go mondi !!!
GermanyNexCa 6 years, 52 weeks ago

4-2 for Dissy but i hope for 4-3 for Mondi ~

Anyway good luck both
PolandIncomer 6 years, 52 weeks ago
its bo5 or bo7 ?
CanadasM.Zik 6 years, 52 weeks ago
Mondi will take it but its gonna be a really close series.
PolandLordzik 6 years, 52 weeks ago
#11 Its bo7 wink.gif
ChileTheanarchy 6 years, 52 weeks ago
Nony will take it 4-3
United KingdomGG.Hellscream 6 years, 52 weeks ago
GL Mondragon, U must win it for us! U MUST!
Swedenculpable 6 years, 52 weeks ago
please give me a bonergood serie please!
United StatesMMX.Moto 6 years, 51 weeks ago
All-In mungruken, tut)Mungruken( very good player. Nony has no chance...
United Statesgns.i-jasa 6 years, 51 weeks ago
I think that Nony's heavy zealot style has absolutely no chance vs Mondragon's heavy lurker-in-army use. When nony's zealots fail he turns to reavers very heavy and I just don't think he has a chance.
Norwayinco 6 years, 51 weeks ago
gogo Panzerfaust aka VromVrom Zerg! Mondi fighting (p")-p
Canadaostojiy 6 years, 51 weeks ago
gogogo nony~~
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