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IdrA vs EffOrt


Rank: #216 (1,000 pts)


Country: United States United States

Clan: 88), CJ Entus

15 % 85
8917 50525
83 bets 112


Rank: -


Country: South Korea South Korea

Clan: CJ


Amount of bets: 195 ( 59,441)
Event: » BlizzCon 2009
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: August 21, 2009 at 22:00
Posted by: Guyix

Match description

BlizzCon Round 1

Comments (Closed)

RomaniaCyclone 7 years, 1 week ago
Easy for IdrA cuz he's rank #1 ;)
"Jokes aside", Idra has a good chance at winning this, cuz Effort is his team mate and ofc they are practicing together a lot, therefore Idra knows very well what he's up against :)
Czech RepublicPredY 7 years, 1 week ago
well it's also vica versa. and effort is a beast
QatarGuyix 7 years, 1 week ago
EffOrt is gona win for sure but would be cool if Idra won :P
Franceglioburd 7 years, 1 week ago
#1 even if they are team mate, I'm not sure they train a lot together.
This is A- level vs A+ level, the difference is extremely big.
Latviaz1 7 years, 1 week ago
IdrA can play 4pool lings, Effort will make 12pool hatch as usually and will lose :)
SingaporeAokoji 7 years, 1 week ago
FranceAureS.157 7 years, 1 week ago
Swedenmouz.MorroW 7 years, 1 week ago
#5 if idra plays z i think effort is gonna smell something fishy :p
Bulgarialosso 7 years, 1 week ago
thats gonna be really nice! rape or not, it will be fun to see how idra can manage against such a player
REALLY hoping for a stream
EstoniaRelax_ee 7 years, 1 week ago
EstoniaRelax_ee 7 years, 1 week ago
all in IDRAAA
Finlandkkong 7 years, 1 week ago
#4 more like A vs Olympic
Polandneonium 7 years, 1 week ago
Idra[Nerdia] FTL !
Korea, Republic ofPenguin 7 years, 1 week ago
I dont think Team B players Practice with Team A?
Romaniatekko 7 years, 1 week ago
The one who bet on idra has big balls.
Polandpit6667 7 years, 1 week ago
imagine Ret vs Idra in semifinal :)
Polandkotkaski 7 years, 1 week ago
lol anybody bet on idra?? strange....
MexicoG2G.Macro 7 years, 1 week ago
its a little sad, how some ppl just dont get it.... Idra is good as Amateur... but he has an extremly poor and low Pro Gamer lvl, face it theres people with skill and tech... and theres Idra... i dont think even think he would last 10 minutes agaisnt such a good pro gammer as EffOrt is....
Gg No re for Idra
FinlandPieman 7 years, 1 week ago
you comparing idra to effort on iccup rankings, then it is olympic vs D- ....idra has no chance
ItalyOrso_BalOrso 7 years, 1 week ago
sadly that's true, and unfortunately idra won't probably try to cheese, which could be his only chance to grab a win against effort
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