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SJ vs Fox


Rank: #6 (1,068 pts)

Country: Bulgaria Bulgaria

Clan: Noobs

71 % 29
782 320
9 bets 7


Rank: #363 (855 pts)

Country: United States United States

Clan: Fox Gaming


Amount of bets: 16 ( 1,101)
Event: » Gambit's Cup 3
Best of: 7
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: August 16, 2012 at 20:00
Posted by: Sibiryak

Match description

Gambit's Cup 3

Bo7 Gambit Winner's Style


Comments (Closed)

ChileSlorm 5 years, 11 weeks ago
i've never heard about fox before.. is it a new team?, or is it an old team with a new name?
GermanyLML 5 years, 10 weeks ago
Fox is a newly formed amateur team (mainly C/C+ players) for Gambit Cup.
BangladeshBrknSword 5 years, 10 weeks ago
All in SJ.
SpainLRM)SpaNiarD 5 years, 9 weeks ago
After LML's comment---> all in SJ
GermanyLML 5 years, 9 weeks ago
Bulgariatrance)Astic-X 5 years, 9 weeks ago
u gonna close this?
UkraineSibiryak 5 years, 9 weeks ago
i didn't see the stream and there are still not results updates on TL. Who won?
ChileSlorm 5 years, 9 weeks ago
hahahaah unexpected result :D, it's good when the underdog wins :D
BangladeshBrknSword 5 years, 9 weeks ago





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