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WE2 vs Mineski


Rank: -

Country: China China

Clan: World Elite

44 % 56
5211 6631
50 bets 69


Rank: #30 (1,165 pts)

Country: Philippines Philippines

Clan: Mineski


Amount of bets: 119 ( 11,841)
Event: » The Premier League
Best of: 2
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: January 29, 2012 at 14:00
Posted by: turik

Match description

Seasonal game - week 4

Stream - United States Luminous
Stream - Russia Versuta
Stream - France Luciano
Stream - Greece Fentagin

Comments (Closed)

United Statesmg-ac 5 years, 10 weeks ago
lol minisky win for sure
PhilippinesLXG_FLY 5 years, 9 weeks ago
this is exciting. ^^ full pack lag action on both sides.

GL to both teams.

finally its bo1 5 years, 9 weeks ago
IMHO, GGnet should disable betting when it comes to Mineski vs Any other international teams because the outcome is obvious. santa.gif
Philippinessaruman096 5 years, 9 weeks ago
obvious hater is obvious

SwedenAsWanG 5 years, 9 weeks ago
Ggnet should ban members like #3 in any other forums because troll and hater at the same time is very obvious..
DenmarkFeaRzScythe 5 years, 9 weeks ago
#3 what's with the hate kiddo?
PhilippinesZeroZero 5 years, 8 weeks ago
nice.. I think mineski can win this time.. All in Mineski..
PhilippinesLXG_FLY 5 years, 8 weeks ago
i think WE will FF this match again like did yesterday. still celebrating the lunar new year.
Philippinesdarks1ght 5 years, 8 weeks ago
good luck to both teams :)
PhilippinesUnex.PauLoL 5 years, 8 weeks ago
This will be hard for MI.PC because they currently FOCUSING FOR MPGL SEASON 4 today tournament which mean they play dota 1 now

then switching for dota 2 later ? VERY HARD suprised.gif
Philippinespikertepe 5 years, 8 weeks ago
This will not be played tonight imo. Because of MPGL.
Philippinesnives21 5 years, 8 weeks ago
I don't think mineski team will win this one easily beacause they have their own version of LAN dota tournament GMPGL need to accomplish before heading out for Dota 2 premier league!! one of the most vital for them is mental fatigue factor!!!! anyway still hope for the best Philippines pride!! Mineski!!!

Philippinesseiraeya 5 years, 8 weeks ago
mineski cant play this match...
PhilippinesCelestial.740 5 years, 8 weeks ago
I hope mineski could play.crash.gif
Philippineskneecause 5 years, 8 weeks ago
TPL would probably announce if Mineski can't play:
MalaysiaBabyF4CE 5 years, 8 weeks ago
One team might not be able to play, another team might FF. suprised.gif
PhilippinesDrensGamingINC 5 years, 8 weeks ago
i think mineski wont play. because MPGL is still in its semifinals match
Australiathe.bouncer 5 years, 8 weeks ago
both FF...means draw...yeah finally Mineski will not be the team with all losses ^^
Philippinesjthird13 5 years, 8 weeks ago
GMPGL isnt done Yet. Mineski Cant Play This match. suprised.gif
United Statesshitson123 5 years, 8 weeks ago
i think mineski wont play. TT.gif

edit: mb they forgot about this because of the GMPGL.
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