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DK vs EG


Rank: #2 (1,507 pts)

Country: China China

Clan: DK

77 % 23
35237 10526
207 bets 154


Rank: -

Country: Denmark Denmark

Clan: Evil Geniuses


Amount of bets: 361 ( 45,762)
Event: » G-League 2011
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: December 09, 2011 at 13:20
Posted by: ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr

Match description

Season 3 Group B
Rank Wins Losses Points
1. China DK 1 0 2
2. China Panda 1 1 3
3. China DT.Love 1 1 2
4. United States EG 0 0 0
5. China IG 0 1 1

Streams 1. SiTV:
2. V1lat on Cyberarena:

Comments (Closed)

GreeceAcential 5 years, 8 weeks ago
Bet on EG more tangoes for me !
Czech RepublicPinkam 5 years, 8 weeks ago
pubstomp inc. crazy.gif
Australia.. 5 years, 7 weeks ago
We will see if DK can muscle up against the Europeans/Americans tounge.gif
GreeceAcential 5 years, 7 weeks ago
@#3 they are recently formed up.They havent practised enough and they are NON ASIAN .You really think they stand a chance ?
Chilenunex 5 years, 7 weeks ago
go EG !! tounge.gif
CanadaWololo 5 years, 7 weeks ago
eg will own dk and put them back to 25th place in gg ranking where they always used to be and suck
Othercaki 5 years, 7 weeks ago
all in on dk. amidoinitwrong?
Chinajohnnyx 5 years, 7 weeks ago
47% for EG?? Come on! EG just lost to DT, the 3rd tier Chinese team.
Even though they are doing better, they don't stand a chance at all in BO3 with DK.
Czech RepublicBooncz 5 years, 7 weeks ago
easy one for EG
Chinarenaxu 5 years, 7 weeks ago
DK will get their seventh Champion~ manyhappy.gif
Philippinesthundertaker11 5 years, 7 weeks ago
EG please EG pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Singaporepremium.heart 5 years, 7 weeks ago
hohohoho, gonna be epic crash.gif
United Statesmg-ac 5 years, 7 weeks ago
DK really isn't that strong actually. They had a winning streak when other Chinese teams were unstable. Now they have been losing to IG and LGD like all the time.
United Statesfeardarkness 5 years, 7 weeks ago
This will be our debut match to show what we're made of in the Chinese scene with proper training.

Honestly, this is the toughest group I've been a part of in my entire career, but we're up for the challenge. GL to iG, DK, Panda and DT.Love. wink.gifcool.gif

Feel free to support all of us at Team EG on facebook:
Chinalw222 5 years, 7 weeks ago
Chinajeckcr 5 years, 7 weeks ago
Wow! I trust Fear and Demon manyhappy.gif
United Statesngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr 5 years, 7 weeks ago
I assume that means HFGL is on hold.
PolandDIESEL- 5 years, 7 weeks ago
i support EG, GO GO GUYS SHOW THEM WHAT DOTA rly mean !
p/s :
cwm gay
GreeceAcential 5 years, 7 weeks ago
Pinoys supporting europe.
And may fear be right I hope they practised so that they can show us something decent
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