WCG 2007 Group prediction

Posted by Lex "Artanis" Maessen 7 years, 25 weeks ago
Lex "Artanis" Maessen predicts the group stage.

The top two of each group will advance to the single elimination brackets, where the winners will be determined.

As usual, there are some players who will advance in their group pretty sure while others have to be afraid to not be able to do so. Let's have a look at the groups.

Group A
Poland Draco
Peru Fenix
Philippines SteelHeart
United Kingdom MidiaN

Group A

Draco finishes first and Fenix takes second place.

Draco has shown a very respectable result at PGL. Despite finishing in sixth place at the polish nationals, he seems to be in good shape to take this group down. He is out to prove that his Polish WCG result was a fluke, and getting first place in the group stage is the only thing on his mind currently.

I predict that Fenix will be second due to the amount of practice he has put into it. He has trained a lot, whilst MidiaN couldn't spend much time on anything due to University. I expect this to cost him the match. SteelHeart will most likely finish last.

Group B
Germany BrEaKdOwN
Bulgaria eDDyiSrEADy
Panama Kaiser
Belarus LoWeLy
Greece satanik

Group B

BrEaKdOwN finishes first, too close to call for second place.

Most of these players have been inactive for a while. Breakdown, Satanik, and Lowely are regulars at WCG, whilst eDDyiSrEADy and Kaiser are new faces. I haven't heard anything about Kaiser, so I have no idea where to put him. BrEaKdOwN is a monster in ZvZ, and with a lot of these players being Zerg, I feel that he'll manage to get first place in this group.
Satanik can be regarded as a jack-in-the-box; he uses aggressive do-or-die strategies often, so he might surprise and take second or even first place in the group.

I do not know much about eDDyiSrEADy either, but as he got second in the bulgarian WCG, he must have a good ZvZ seeing as there are quite a few good Zerg players over there, albeit less known. LoWeLy has performed well in 2005, finishing in the ro16, so he's a good candidate for second or first place as well. This group is a tough one to predict.

Group C
Germany GoOdy
United States iNcontroL
Bulgaria LaMeR
China Phoenix66

Group C

iNcontroL finishes first, LaMeR second.

iNcontroL has torn down a lot of Terrans in his way to qualify for WCG. A lot of them had a good TvZ as well, but he seems to be in excellent shape. Also, it's in his home town, so he has all the more motivation. The problem might be playing against GoOdy on Peaks, since his ZvP hasn't been put to the test yet.

LaMeR, despite being inactive, always brings his best game to WCG. He has been proven solid in all matchups, and since he'll be playing GoOdy on Paranoid Android, I'm pretty confident he can take second place.
Although I admit I don't know too much about Phoenix66, I don't think he can beat iNcontroL in his current shape or LaMeR in TvT. GoOdy hasn't impressed me either.

Group D
Russia Androide
Mexico asS
Trinidad cooch
Malaysia Jamesfoo
United States Nyoken

Group D

Androide finishes first, Nyoken second.

Androide is very unpredictable in everything. Everything, except one thing; he trains for WCG, and he trains hard. Winning the entire thing is always the only thing on his mind, and in a group like this with three relatively unknown players, I expect that he would find anything but at least a top16 placement a disgrace. No idea what race he'll choose, though.
Nyoken has always shown stable results in both offline and online events, and is comparable to GooDFrienD in a few ways. A very solid Terran player, and I expect him to beat everyone but Androide in this group.

I feel that asS could pull an upset in this group, though. Finishing first place in Mexico is no easy task, and he should not be underestimated. He could pull a win on both Androide and Nyoken with the right circumstances. As for Jamesfoo and cooch; I don't think that they will influence this group much, though that's the same thing we thought about Cobo last year.

Group E
Poland Dreiven
South Korea Hwasin
Slovakia uT)Maix

Group E

Hwasin finishes first, Maix second.

Due to F91 dropping out, this group only consists of three players. However, Pj might be moving to this group due to ending third in the regional qualifier, and since F91 finished second, he might be replacing F91 in that group.
Korean vs non-korean. Unless Hwasin decides to toss a game to avoid a fellow Korean, he will win this group.
I think that Maix will be able to beat Dreiven, due to Dreiven's supposed inactivity. However, I'm not too sure about this one. It's going to be a tough call either way.

Group F
Italy -FiRe-
Russia Ex
Ukraine White-Ra
South Korea Stork
Vietnam ThuocLao

Group F

Stork finishes first, Ex second.

Three great players in one group; Stork, Ex, and White-Ra all deserve to move on to the Ro16, and I'm saddened that either Ex or White-Ra is going to kick the bucket early.
It's pretty much a given that Stork will win this group if he wants to. However, I feel that there's a good possibility he will influence the group.

As there are five players in this group, it's easier to control becoming second. Since White-Ra is his first opponent, I feel it will be unlikely that he will throw that game, whilst he might throw his game against Ex if he knows that they are most likely to fight for the second place otherwise.

Ex has shown to be in good shape, taking second place in the Russian WCG event, beating his friend Androide in the process (great games!). He used to be quite poor in TvZ, but he has become more all-round recently. His specialty is still TvT, which is unfortunate considering that his main rivals are Protoss. However, I do think that he will beat White-Ra.

White-Ra is a great player, very mannered and amazing when he's in shape. However, that very last thing is what he isn't. Despite winning the Ukranian WCG, he has not impressed me at all. This is something that I hope will change. The problem is that I feel that he is least likely to make an upset against Stork, since PvP is his worst matchup, which is why the only way to survive for him will be to beat Ex. Something I'm not too confident in, especially since it's on Gaia.

Group G
Kazakhstan 3D.MoonZerg
Guatemala chivu
Italy ClouD
China PJ
Latvia Cool2Die

Group G

PJ finishes first, ClouD second.

PJ is currently in great shape, doing well in PGL, though he dropped out in the playoffs early, supposedly due to wanting to play in CEG. However, I don't think that any of these players will be a threat to him. ClouD could surprise him on Azalea, though, since there's generally a lot of action early on with PvP on this map, which could go either way. Despite this, I don't think anyone will argue PJ is the favorite for this group.

ClouD is the best player in Italy and has shown decent results in previous WCGs. Even though he always got eliminated in the group stage, he was never a pushover. Though I don't know the other three players very well, I think that ClouD will manage to get to the Ro16 this time.

Group H
Germany Mondragon
Canada Testie
Brazil ReasoN
South Korea SaviOr

Group H

SaviOr finishes first, Mondragon second.

If you thought Group F was bad, this should make one hurl. Four players that would all have great chances advancing in other groups put together in one. Mondragon has always been in tough groups, but this is probably the toughest one yet. Three Zerg players in a bo1 format will allow for a lot of upsets, though. I don't think SaviOr will throw a game due to the possibility of having a bad BO against his opponent in ZvZ. He will probably give it his all in every game, which will make it even harder for the participants. He should finish first if nothing strange happens though.

Mondragon is a monster in every matchup. His worst is ZvT, which will most likely not be tested, unless Testie chooses Terran. His ZvZ and ZvP are both in excellent shape, and he has trained quite a bit for the tournament. An active Mondragon is someone to put a lot of attention to. Unfortunately for him, he will be facing SaviOr on Peaks of Baekdu. I feel that if it would be on Azalea, he would've stood a better chance. He will face Testie on this map, which I feel is still a good thing for him.
Testie has in my experience not been as active as he could have been, which I feel will cost him the Ro16 spot. However, even if he would be active, it would still be very tough to advance from this group. I do think that he's able to beat Mondragon, however, I'm giving Mondragon the better chance.

I haven't discussed ReasoN yet; this is due to having no clue where he stands. He supposedly trained a LOT against good Korean players on US West, so he is a wildcard to be reckoned with. He's the one that will face SaviOr on Azalea, which is a very good thing for him, since the early game aggression and 4 start locations (which means SaviOr might scout ReasoN's build too late) could give ReasoN the win here. However, he's still the underdog in this group.
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