Posted by Will "sailow" Gerardsson 10 years, 50 weeks ago
There are two ways in which you can look at Brood War. Some of you will say that it is just a game, others would argue against this and claim that it is much more of a sport. It doesn't really matter how you categorize it really, what I am trying to get across is the foundations of what people think about the game. Brood War is a game/sport!
There is a concept that I would like to re-introduce to all of those who may have forgotten it (or not even heard of), it is called sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is an act which should be applied to both sports and games. The idea of sportsmanship is to treat opponents and teammates alike with respect, decency and honesty; before, during and after the game. The opposite of sportsmanship is insulting or cheating the other participants.

Why am I mentioning this? The answer is because what I speak of is virtually non-existent in the BW community, or at least it overshadows the community. Bad manner has become extremely popular (it has even abbreviated to bm). We are now supposed to accept this to be part of the gaming experience, even though it should not be a part of it. Once StarGate started fighting this behavior - we received a negative wave of criticism about it. Some claimed bad manner is just part of the game.


This is a question I would now like to put to you; after a game of Brood War which you have just won, what would you rather have your opponent say to you; “Well played man, that why a nice move at the end” or ”you f***ing cheated, stfu maphacker”? I think the answer most people would choose is obvious. If you would like to be treated nicely, you should also act the way you wish to be treated.

There are benefits in being polite to other people. First, you will be well thought of within the community. Second, you will become great friends with people through gaming, I myself know several people who I have met through gaming. Third, it must feel better after playing a nice game of BW to be on good terms with your opponent then to harass each other with insults.

Sportsmanship is something that all can agree is good; it is being a gentleman when it comes to competition. However the only problem with sportsmanship is that it cannot really be forced upon other people, it is a voluntary, unselfish act that one has to take upon themselves. The only thing that can be done to try and enforce this kind of behavior is to try and restrict the people who do not treat others in a sportsman-like manner.

This is something that StarGate is trying to enforce, the idea behind StarGate is a friendly sportsmanship community (hacking being an act of unsportsmanship). There is no practical technology that can efficiently stop bad manner but it is not something that we approve of in our community. This is why » StarGate's §1 about behavior is in place. Like previously stated bad manner can not be forced upon people; SG just does not want those people on StarGate (exactly like how it does not want hackers). This is to make the community more enjoyable for everyone who is well mannered.

I plea to everyone to try and make StarGate, and the entire community a better place and not result with insults when someone insults you, be the bigger person and ignore them. I also ask you to use common sense, why call someone a noob? What do you actually gain from it? Nothing.
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