A Q&A with Samwise Didier!

Posted by Jon "Sp1ralArch1tect" Benn at 11 March 2008 02:55

While attending the Blizzard press-conference in Irvine, California, our Editor-In-Chief Raistlin got a chance to talk with different members of the StarCraft 2 development team. He was able to sit down with Samwise Didier, the head of artwork at Blizzard, to ask him a few questions.


So are Queens the New Cerebrates?
- I have no idea.

What is your artwork like?
- It is mostly Blizzard style. All our artwork is kickass and we want it to be memorable. Terrans are a group of Texas hillbillies in the future, not boring and noble federation guys. That's some of our artwork style. Grindy.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
- Frank Frizetta whos is a Comic artist, a lot of the old D&D artists. Movies, comics, animals. You mostly come up with your own stuff though, as you can see on some of my anatomy.

How did you handle the Dark Templar design and the critique?
- It was a lot of people's favorite character, so it's hard to please everybody. Some people loved the new design, some hated it. It's the same as the wings on the Zerglings, some loved it some did not. Now it's removed. We will make the game so we think it's cool. It's a gut feeling.

We want to keep the original feel to the game, but not so it's like 2D in 1998. We wanted to update it and have a cooler look. The Zealot for example, now it doen't have its McDonalds archers on its armor, now it's more golden and cool. Aside from most of design tweaks, it is alot like the original.

The Queen is one of the biggest changes, it's no longer an umbrella looking creature, it's actually the "mother" of the Zerg base. It has much a more kick-ass look to it and is the "Queen" it should have been.

More to Come

Raistlin will be back shortly to provide us with some news on his day at the Blizzard press conference in Irvine, California. So stay tuned to GosuGamers for the lastest news on StarCraft 2!