Great things throwing their shadow on the continent of the rising sun...

Posted by Manuel "Amock" at 20 November 2007 21:27

The DotA community takes yet another step to reach the e-sport top-notch list!

The next online gaming community - Asian World Cyber Games - announced a DotA tour called King of the Hill, brought to you by Samsung.

Some facts and informations:
The tour will be held on an invitation format, meaning that you have to download a form and follow the instructions to complete this form and send it back in, the SKOTH (Samsung King of the Hill) leadership will then invite 64 teams based on their registration and profile.
The group stage games will be played in -ap mode, while the elimination stage is held in -apxl, the used map will be 6.48b.
The 64 teams will be split into 8 groups with 8 teams in each one of them, the best two teams out of every group will advance to the elimination stage, so every team gets only one chance to reach the finals.
The SKOTH is dotated with a total prize pool of 3000$ which will be split inbetween the three best teams (1500$/1000$/500$).
Only DotA-teams from Southeast-Asia, New-Zealand and Australia can compete in SKOTH.

For more information on the schedule and the tourney itself check out the Asian World Cyber Games site.

Asian World Cyber Games Homepage - SKOTH details
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