MYM.Maelk tells all about MYM.DotA

Posted by Nat "volmasoft" F at 29 April 2007 22:45
-- This newspost was originally posted at 2007-04-03. --


A few days ago I managed to get a short interview with MYM.Maelk (MYM's DotA team captain) and asked him a few questions about TFL and his team.

This is the second in a series of interviews from each of the TFL DotA teams.

Some basic stats
NameDenmark Jacob 'Maelk' Toft-Andersen
TeamMeet your Makers
Favourite HeroStrygwyr, the Bloodseeker

How old is your dota team and do you play any other games?
- With the recent addition of our 3 American players, Merlini, Fang and p0c, the team could be regarded as a completely new team, but the rest of us has been together since September '06. MYM as a clan has teams in both WC3, CS aswell as Starcraft.

Do you have an opinion on who the best DotA team is at the moment?
- Most leagues recently changed their mode into ap-draft BO1 where the old format was -lm BO3 which is a huge change and alot of teams are stilll adjusting, adapting and experimenting with their lineups, so personally I don't have any favourite team.

Do you ever have set plans/hero's for each game?
- We always tend to have a plan on what we want to run and which heroes we want to get.maelk.jpgWhat do you think about TFL?
- Being the first official league to announce apdraft BO1 as the mode and with alot of superb topteams in the actual league this may very well be the most respect league in the world of DotA although ESL might top that when they announce their new season.

Do you think there is much room for another league in DotA?
- Aslong as the teams shows interest, I believe there is plenty of room for leagues.

Where do you expect your team to be in a years time?
- Same place we are now, at the top always striving to be the best.

Have you heard of before this interview? If so what do you think of our expanding DotA coverage?
- I have known GosuGamers from since my early days of WC3 and neither the site nor their staff is any new to me, infact I met some of them at Dreamhack Winter '06 where they were in charge of running the DotA-competition. I am very pleased that they see DotA as a competetive game and has decided to expand their site with DotA-news.

Do you have any opinions or views on anything that should be updated in the next release?
- Personally I would like for Icefrog to completely remove Roshan as he makes no sense in the first place and completely takes away the meaning of 'Defense of the Ancients' and instead changes it into 'Destruction of the Abnormally huge Golem'.

What do you think of the new SteelSeries sponsorship of TFL?
- As a DotA-fan I think its great that sponsors are supporting the community and its leagues, but as a player I am already as stocked up on Steelgear as I can be.

What do you think your chances are of winning TFL?
- I believe any team has a chance at winning and with a league running for 11 weeks it comes down to who is the most stable. Also, when you face which teams plays an important factor if ie. your team is at its best and you meet a team that in the beginning of the league has proven to be very strong but has lost shape because of inactivity or player-absence and you then beat them because of it eventhough they normally would have destroyed you.