GosuGamers v.3.28 - list of updates

Posted by Nat "volmasoft" F at 02 April 2007 17:44

Log of programming updates at the last month.

Released Carrier, with continual development existing to update it.

Released the GosuGamers Wiki

Updated more links to the clean URL look. (/about/support instead of about.php?i=support)

Updated the forums main page in order to display the forums in a more user-friendly manner.

Updated the multilingual support - it is still being added to the site, with Swedish nearly completed.

Update: Had another look over fixing the e-mail script so that less users have a problem.

Updated the design of the main blogs page.

Fixed many minor security bugs.

Have you seen any bugs lurking around the site? Do you have an idea to make the site even better? Do not hesitate to contact us using the link below. Enjoy the new updates!