GosuGamers becomes GoogleGamers

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 01 April 2007 10:57

GosuGamers is proud to announce that Google Inc. has successfully invested $1,000,000 in our company. They will be the new company behind your main source for StarCraft and WarCraft, which means that it will now be called GoogleGamers.
- It was an opportunity we couldn't miss, says the Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Ever since the year 2002 when GosuGamers went international we have been growing. Looking back when we had around 3,000 unique visitors a day and just sniffed the surface of what this would turn into, we do it with a grand smile on our lips. GosuGamers was never about money - it was about dedication to the scene, the community and our two loving games StarCraft and WarCraft. With over 14,000 unique visitors a day and a position where we can grant ourselves lucky, we felt that in order to achieve higher status we should sell our web portal to the ever-growing company Google.

google.jpgAfter buying the video site YouTube, Google saw how big the eSport community was, and the company stock holders were very much interested in expanding to that market. In the press release, Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) and Elliot Schrage (PR Manager) express their happiness after signing with Unlimited Connection, the company behind GosuGamers formed by Jonathan Littke and Patrik Hellstrand.
- GosuGamers is one of the leading sites when it comes to StarCraft and WarCraft and we believe that with Google at the main rudder they, or should I say we, will aspire to expand to other games as well, says Elliot Schrage.

When it comes to the new games, games we have in mind are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: April's Quest, upcoming Golden Fool and other games that will hit the market in a near future.

The original crew of GosuGamers will keep on working with the site, and most of it all will remain the same. Editor-in-chief Patrik Hellstrand states in the press release that none of the fans will have to worry.
- We will keep serving you with articles, insights and much more from the community, with Google buying us we see new possibilities in which we may extend our coverage to other scenes other than the European one. We share the same principles and ideas as Google so we feel happier than ever with this partnership.

During the day you will see changes here at GosuGamers. With our new name GoogleGamers we will also rename our various sections. GosuBet becomes GoogleBet, and our newly made league StarLeague will be renamed into GoogleGamers StarLeague. As your DNS updates, you will notice the changes.

Links - Press release (PDF format) - Press release (PDF format)