TFL: Interview with Zenith and results

Posted by Nat "volmasoft" F at 30 April 2007 12:46
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Yesterday The Frozen League managed to get PinkPriestess and xSassyGirlx to shoutcast one of the DotA league matches. Both matches were expected to be shoutcasted however the host did not arrive to setup the server for Check-Six vs eXtreme

Match 1
United States Check-Six [1-0] Canada eXtreme

United States Check-Six roster
x6.HighTimes Lord of OlympiaTop
x6.Zujio Sand King Top
x6.YoDa Venomancer Mid
x6.merc Lightining RevenantMid
x6.P00 Queen of PainBot

Canada eXtreme roster
xD.Goks Tormented SoulTop
xD.Dyno Doom BringerMid LichBot
xD.Shin WarlockBot
xD.chu Naga SirenBot

Match 2
Canada Enervate Gaming [1-0] Singapore Zenith

Canada Enervate Gaming roster
eNe.HustlerTormented SoulTop
eNe.j0oSand KingTop
eNe.007Vengeful SpiritTop
enigma_2008Doom BringerMid
eNe.EddieShadow FiendBot

Singapore Zenith roster
ToFuBoi-Queen of PainTop
AntSharKLone DruidBot
iceiceiceStone GiantBot
L-Twin Head DragonBot

Today we managed to catch up with Singapore AntSharK from team Singapore Zenith

Can you first introduce yourself, who you are, what you do in Zenith and some background information on Zenith?
I'm the co-leader of team zenith, currently 18 and living in Singapore.

Team zenith has its roots back when singapore first started having DotA LAN competitions around the end of 2004. Team leader GPS got together a bunch of friends and schoolmates (and his brother tofuboi) and joined a 5.84c competition. When singapore tournaments transitioned to version 6 around one year later, the player lineup was changed to what team zenith now comprises of.

Mainly gaining the player ice, pulling the player ant (me) out of the "permanent reserve" status, and changing names.

How far do you think the team has come in year and a half since it has been formed?
Definitely has come very far. We've won a lot of local tournaments, and tried to gain as much foreign exposure as possible. We've all improved as DotA players and got to know each other better. We've become reasonably well known in Asia and the world too, and I guess we've become one of the above average teams in the region.

How long as Zenith been around?
As a team together for 1 and a half years, musica being the newest addition only about half a year ago, but the 5 main players for about 1 and a half years

Recently we're trying to play with more opponents outside Asia, but we're still very new to the international scene and playing with delay and whatsnot. Will definitely take some getting used to.

Ant.jpgWho would you say is the best DotA team at the moment?
I honestly can't really say. In the international scene team lineups are changing constantly and no team is really having any winning streaks.

But I think I'm quite impressed with coL and maGe and I heard dota[] isn't too bad but I haven't really seen them play much. not that avid a replay watcher.

And of course we are new to the international scene so we haven't played any of these clans

Last night you had a game against Enervate Gaming, what do you think of the result, your team's performance?
We all had fun. It was an exciting game. There were things that could have gone better but I think all that matters was that we had a good game, sans some delay problems ^^

Tofu and me were having really bad delay, couldn't last hit in free-farm lanes

So we farmed slower than we would have liked to but not really that key a factor in the loss.

Do you have a best player in your mind from last night? and why?
ice! He's always my favourite player ^^, Well he came into battle at the right times and made very good plays after mid-game. He only did a few mistakes early game IMHO.

What do you think about The Frozen League in general?
Well we haven't had any problems yet, but too early to tell ^^

Definitely a very good opportunity to gain exposure to top teams around the world though, even if we might be a little inexperienced in the world scene to do well against them.

Had you heard of GosuGamers before this interview? and what do you think that our expanding coverage of DotA, is it good for the community, and do you think you will frequent the site more now that our DotA coverage is improving ?
I've heard of it, but not actually frequented it, I'll frequent it now that I'm being interviewed by it ^^.

But yes if there's enough coverage I will definetly visit it, always good to know somewhere where I can reliably get something to read about the DotA scene.

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