Diablo III NOT to be announced at E3.

Posted by Jimmy "DJTyrant" Blocksom at 03 May 2006 22:09

There are rumors floating around the internet as E3 2006 quickly approaches. With the infinate delay of StarCraft: Ghost many rumors are now showing up that point to Blizzard making a sequel to it's action RPG Diablo. SEE UPDATE BELOW, AS DIABLO III IS NOT GOING TO BE AT E3!

There is not any clear cut evidence, but there are some rumors to report. Game news site IGN has a page up and dedicated to Diablo III with the release date saying: "TBA 2006." Also scrolling in their ad banner for their Insider service floats an E3 logo and names of known coming soon titles, and consoles systems such as Guitar Hero II, Unreal Tournament 2007, Battlefield 2142, and Spore. But also in there is Diablo 3! Does this mean it is actually coming? Maybe, just maybe.

I know we'll find out a whole lot more about all Blizzard has plans to do with all of their franchises in just one week when E3 kicks off in Los Angeles, CA! One thing we know for certain, Blizzard WILL surprise us all.

UPDATE (5/4/06, 4:00PM PST): Blizzard will not be showing off Diablo III and will be only showing the WoW expansion at E3 this year. Source IGN:

Thanks to Poland cdn for point this out in the comment section!

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