Paycheck arena WC3 tournament

Posted by Good "Esc4toN" Bye at 17 March 2006 22:43
Paycheck arena WC3 tournament

For the third time Paycheck arena is proud to present a new Online LAN Party tournament. This time it’s Wacraft III 1v1 Online LAN Party with minimum prize money of 1000€.

Tournament will be held on 25-26th of March. Spots for this tournament are limited to 512 and tournament format will be single elimination until 32 players are left, then the format will be changed to a full double elimination. The prize fund will be divided in the following way: 1st place - 50%, 2nd place - 25%, 3rd place - 15%, 4th place - 4%, 5-6th place – each 2% and 7-8th place – each 1%. We also opened official warcraft 3 community channel: #pca.wc3 on Quakenet. The signups are open till the 23rd of March, 24:00 CET in order to pay out the entire prize money within 24 hours after the tourney ends, so be quick.

The gaming scene and everything that comes with it is growing on a daily basis. But, as the gaming scene grew, some flaws became apparent. Costly hardware, travel expenses for LAN parties, insecurity in prize payments, to name a few.

In the world of competitive gaming, only the best get the money and sponsorship. That's where PayCheck Arena steps in, by providing equal opportunities for every gamer to earn money from the comfort of their home.

PayCheck Arena is the multiplayer gaming portal that enables playing for money 24/7/365. It organizes matches, tournaments and leagues with money prizes.

PayCheck Arena IS NOT a gambling portal and is NOT supporting gambling in any form. PayCheck Arena is a portal which supports professional and amateur gaming.

PayCheck Arena provides gamers with ladders, huge online tournaments (on line parties), leagues, detailed member and clan statistics and supports all kind of play, from classic 1 on 1 and clan matches to free play where everything is up to you. PayCheck Arena was created and made by gamers to provide better gaming experience and give a chance to everyone to benefit from gaming. Gamers only pay an entrance fee of 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20€ to join the match and winner takes all of the money in the prize pot. Our ladders give equal opportunities for everyone because the players always play against someone with a skill level similar to theirs.

Being made from gamers, PayCheck Arena team is fully aware of the problem cheating represents. Our servers provide the latest (and best) anticheat. programs available as well as an experienced admin team ready to handle any problem or complaint. We offer you our own servers or you can to play on any other server if you and your opponent(s) agree.
With our unique system and new approach to online gaming we hope to set up new standards in the world of eSports.

Play what you want, where you want, with who you want.

#paycheckarena (official channel of PCA)
#pca.wc3 (PCA warcraft community channel)

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