RR: NaDa VS. Siz)Loser

Posted by Good "Esc4toN" Bye at 11 March 2006 13:21

Once again brings you a recommended replay. This time it's the Siz)Loser facing off with one of the best StarCraft players NaDa in a Terran versus Terran game on the map Rush Hour.

NaDa APM 322 | Position 2.
Loser APM 232 | Position 11.

NaDa is starting with fast expansion which means that he will be a little bit late for first factory, while Loser starts with a normal build and from the start he puts a pressure on his opponent. NaDa is teching quickly for dropships, while Loser group his army below NaDa's ramp and expand on his natural.

NaDa is atacked but he is defending very well and he use his SCV's very well for defense.

Very nice drops from both players, and another nice battle.

Very interesting battle beetwen NaDa's SCV's and Loser's Tanks and Vultures.

A very nice drop from NaDa.

In this game you can see nice Macro from NaDa, some nice drops from both players, and non stop battles with some tactical timeouts.


Links - Download the replay