P.O.S vs pG 4-1

Posted by "iop" at 05 October 2003 15:51
A clan league match has been played at between two giants in the Broodwar world. pG, who is without a doubt one of the best non-korean teams around. pG started out being a german clan, but has a number of international members who are respected within the community. They were up against the Korean team P.O.S, or shall I say Pirates Of Space. Even though P.O.S won 4-1, that may seem like it wasn't very even, but in reality P.O.S beat pG 9-6. Here are the results from the games!

blueK > VeG[pG] Neo Bifrost
blueK < VeG[pG] Lost Temple
blueK > VeG[pG] Neo Bifrost
TiNYa(Terato) > Eriador[pG] Neo Bifrost
TiNYa < Eriador[pG] -
TiNYa > Eriador[pG] Nostalgia
ArttOss < SuKeR[pG] Lost Temple
ArttOss > SuKeR[pG] Lost Temple
ArttOss > SuKeR[pG] Lost Temple
GGnoRE < Private[pG] (Walkover, computer crash)
GGnoRE > Private[pG] Gaema Gowon
GGnoRE > Private[pG] Nostalgia
aficionado < FiSheYe[pG] Paradoxxx
aficionado > FiSheYe[pG] Gaema Gowon
aficionado < FiSheYe[pG] Lost Temple

[kr] Pirates Of Space 4 : 1 [de] Pro-Gaming

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