TLT Brackets - Online

Posted by "iop" at 27 August 2003 16:08

Well I'm sure most of you have heard about TLT. Now the 32 people who made it into the playoffs can find out who they will play against. The brackets are now available and can be found in the links below. But, before you go there, here's some short information about the playing style for the playoffs.

First of all it is DE (Double Elimination) which means that there is a winner bracket, and a loser bracket. In the winner bracket, everything will be played best-of-3 matches. The loser bracket starts of with best-of-1 matches. In the winners bracket (when there are 2 players left) the games will be played best-of-5. As for round 6 and 7 (4 and 2 players left) the games will be played best-of-3. The loser bracket final will be played in a best-of-5 series. And in the final the games will be played in a best-of-7 series!

Which maps will be played? Well these are the maps that will be played in the tournament: Nostalgia, Neo Vertigo, Plains to Hill, Charity. But match 1 in round 1 of the winners bracket will have to be played on Plains to Hill, and round 2 on Neo Vertigo. The Loser bracket has exactly the same rule, round 1 = Plains to Hill, and round 2 Neo Vertigo. To make it a bit easier odd numbers = Plains to Hill, and even numbers = Neo Vertigo! The final will start off on Neo Vertigo.

According to the current standings in GosuGamers poll - AMD-Elky will win, WiLLEt will together with Mazor (hasu :O) end up on second place. After that comes Daaman on third place. Who'll win? Cast your vote if you haven't done it already.

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