GPL resumes with support Veigar and Sejuani debut

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 11 May 2013 14:33

81-1357576572.jpeg The Southeast Asia premier league returns for its summer split and brings along its beauty of exotic picks and attractive plays.

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Sjlogo_std.pngSaigon Jokers vs Kuala Lumpur HuntersKlhlogo_std.png

As GPL matches usually go, the opening one of the Summer split was rich on kills, aggression. Of course, the familiar gist of peculiarity was also there and the pick phase saw the first ever Lissandra ban coming from KLH and Sejuani picked as jungler and Veigar as support for Saigon Jokers. Undoubtedly, GPL Summer was in for an entertaining opening. Heads fell left and right as the action heated up, both teams masterfully balancing the gold banks all throughout the laning phase. In those early game moments, it was Safety's Sejuani and QTV's Jayce that shined the brightest, securing some minimal kill advantage for SAJ and laying the foundations for what were supposed to be successful out-poke sieges. Meanwhile, KLH had chosen a different approach, one that involved going for a triple SotLE to maximize true damage in a composition built for one purpose - find somebody and shred him to pieces instantly. One such assassination with Sejuani as the victim gave KLH the opportunity to go for baron. Knowing they can't just gave it out for free, SAJ tried to contest it but were stunned by perfect crescendo and stood dumbfounded as KLH dived on them for the clean up. Another team fight shortly thereafter gave Goldenz's Kha'Zix a triple kill and the game was secured. klh-crescendo.png Sona Crescendoing through the wall to prevent a potential steal attempt

Malogo_std.pngManila Eagles vs Fantastic FiveFantasticFiveLogo_std.png

While the first game of the season had a pinch of intrigue in it, that wasn't the case with MLE vs SF5. In a 30 minute game that could've ended much sooner, the Pinoys went to town against the Vietnamese roster and treated them to a good, old-fashioned manhandling. Chock's Jayce and the bottom lane of Vyy's Ezreal and Astarte's Nautilus were the stars of Manila Eagles from the start till the end of the mid game. By the 20th minute mark, the Eagles were enjoying a 5/0/2 Jayce and 5/2/14 bot lane as well as four to none tower lead, which had basically won them the game already. The match did go on for ten more minutes but the only result was Jayce growing even bigger (up to 8/0/7 at the end) and Kha'Zix getting some KDA for himself to justify his role of an assassin.

Tpa_std.pngTaipei Assassins vs KL HuntersKlhlogo_std.png

It wouldn't be a proper GPL opening day without the GPL champions themselves - Taipei Assassins. For their first match, the Taiwanese took on the Malaysian roster of KLH who had just came out of spectacular win against SAJ and were on the look for more blood. And blood they got, as Wahlenz's Ezreal gave KLH a flying start into the series and the Hunters were ahead in both kills and towers. Soon, however, they ended up running out of momentum and they had TPA's Тoyz and Bebe to blame for that. Supported by the terrifying presence of Lilballz, TPA's carries lashed back with the strength of true world champions and the kill difference dramatically tumbled into their favor. With 13/3/3 on Kha'Zix and 9/5/8 on Twitch, Toyz and Bebe had split 22 out of all 27 kills and the Malaysian opposition just melted. tpa-klh-scoreboard.png